A recent study from Sage titled “The changing face of HR” found that HR professionals are increasingly burned out at work despite still being passionate about their jobs. In fact, 62% of HR leaders are considering leaving the field entirely, even though 57% say they love their jobs.

How is this possible? Well, it’s interesting that this burnout is reaching its peak now, when HR is finally getting the C-suite recognition it’s been campaigning for. HR has been requesting that proverbial “seat at the table” for a long time—the chance to enter strategic discussions and impact the future direction of organizations. According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) article “A Time for HR to Lead,” we’ve made it: 80% of senior leaders believe HR is business-critical.

But this doesn’t solve the problem of burnout, which has been creeping up on HR professionals over time and came to a head during the pandemic. It may have exacerbated the burnout. Amid economic uncertainty, lockdowns, furloughs, and the Great Resignation, the business world turned desperately to its HR teams for help with figuring the whole mess out. With no more experience in leading businesses through a pandemic than anyone else, HR professionals had the weight of responsibility on their shoulders; a heavy, unpredictable workload; and mental strain.


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Guest-contributed article written by: Tania Fiero, Chief Human Resources Officer at IES

Tania Fiero is the chief HR officer of Innovative Employee Solutions (IES), a provider of remote and contingent workforce solutions, specializing in global employer of record, agent of record, and independent contractor compliance services in 150+ countries. Founded in 1974, IES is a woman-owned business, is certified by the WBENC, and partners with companies to provide compliant employment solutions that empower people’s lives.

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