As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the time or money to handle all of your complex HR functions in-house. Fortunately, you can outsource all of your HR needs to Innovative Employee Solutions. Learn five ways that partnering with IES as your employer of record (EOR) will benefit you.

Cost Savings

 You’ll save money by outsourcing your HR work to IES. Rather than giving away weekly salaries and benefits to highly experienced HR staff, as well as providing costly office space, you pay only for services needed. You also reduce your costs by having us provide unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and other benefits. With the money you save, you can focus on areas of your business that generate income.


 By partnering with IES as your EOR, your HR processes become streamlined. You’ll save time and ensure accuracy when collecting new-hire paperwork, withholding payroll taxes, issuing W-2s and more. We’ll also take care of all your background checks, drug testing, reference checks, and other pre-employment screening needs.

Risk Management

 As your EOR, we stay on top of often-changing labor and employment laws and regulations that affect your workers. We’ll also provide payroll and offer benefits to your contingent workers and independent contractors so that they don’t expect the same income and benefits as your regular employees. You’ll avoid steep IRS fines and expensive lawsuits while staying compliant with applicable workforce laws.

Employee Development

 When outsourcing your HR tasks, we help manage your employees’ performance and development and report the results to your management team. This process ensures that your workers follow company procedures and policies while reaching your business goals. In addition, managers reduce their workloads while being able to properly evaluate and take necessary action on each employee’s output.

Access to Current Technology

 When utilizing IES as your EOR, you gain access to current technology for maintaining an efficient and productive workplace. Your payroll, benefit administration, compliance management and other HR functions are streamlined. You spend less time on paperwork and more time on core business.

Take a load off your mind by outsourcing your HR functions to IES. For further benefits of partnering with us as your EOR, reach out to the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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