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3 tips for using LinkedIn during recruitment

Posted on April 30th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

No social media platform has gained more popularity among HR administrators than LinkedIn. The networking site is specifically designed for professionals and job candidates to display their resumes, skill sets, education and references in one accessible place. Recently, LinkedIn has been evolving, and here's a few tips for recruiters to maximize their use of the site.

1. Become familiar with Recruiter
The new talent solutions feature, Recruiter, is a tool that all HR professionals might want to become comfortable with. According to Wired magazine, the recently released option allows recruiters to search for candidates without alerting them their profile had been viewed. 

2. Look for industry groups and connections
LinkedIn provides users with the ability to link with other professionals in their field through specialized groups. By looking at the circles in which candidates are active, recruiters can learn information about how they might fit in with the company and their skill sets.

3. Notice if candidates do not act professionally 
LinkedIn is a network for the business world, but many users might not be able to separate their personal lives from the site. Recruiters might want to look for signs that applicants might not be a good candidate for hire if they are unable to act professionally on the network.

Recruiters looking to increase their contract workforce might want to browse LinkedIn to make sure they are finding the top talent to add to the payroll.  

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