Every year, companies' HR administration refines policies and creates new provisions for topics ranging from workplace discrimination, payrolling and client communication. In August, HR Daily Advisor surveyed companies across the U.S. about their views and their company's status on a range of topics. The news service released study results last week. Here are the 2012's most popular policies.

Harassment and/or Discrimination
To very little surprise, these policies are the most popular, as 94.5 percent of employers have implemented them.

Employee Leave, PTO and vacation
Roughly 91 percent of surveyed employers set up formal policies to manage employee leave. Administering paid time off and sick days is extremely important to maintain a productive business.

Computer and Internet
As social media and online shopping rates among U.S. workers has picked up significantly in the past year, more than 90 percent of respondents have rules and regulations for computer and internet use.

Confidentiality and Proprietary information
As more employers work remotely on their personal devices, data and content security is a hot topic bringing HR and IT teams together at many companies.

While only a quarter of surveyed employers update their policies annually, half of respondents said social media is at the top of the list of new provisions for 2013. According to a recent study, "The Workplace Engagement Economy Where HR, Social, Mobile and Tech Collide," 53 percent of companies block access to social networking sites.

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