The Challenge: How to Hire Global Talent without a Global Infrastructure

When it comes to finding in-demand talent, technology has indeed flattened the globe. No longer trapped under the limitations of an entirely local workforce, businesses everywhere are setting their sights overseas and hiring global talent – from Perth to Peoria, Rio to Reykjavik.

But each country has its own laws, tax complexities, engagement processes, compliance standards, cultural expectations, pay expectations, and more. So while technology has made finding global talent as easy as clicking a button, hiring these out-of-country workers is another story entirely.

One UK-based gaming company faced this challenge when it sought out international talent to support its rapid growth. The client needed to bring on about 45 specialists – artists, developers, game designers, etc. – across more than a dozen countries in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. But it did not have the bandwidth or expertise to stand up entities in each locality to employ these workers compliantly. As a result, the client thought these experts would simply be out of reach.

The Solution: Untethered Global Hiring with Centralized Management

The client selected IES based on its unmatched history and experience setting up global hiring programs. IES began by consulting with client leadership to discover every nuance of its international hiring strategy and educate them on varying requirements, compliance laws, and employment costs. IES then designed a global Employer of Record (EOR) solution that dovetailed with the client’s unique global demands.

The solution made it easy for the client to bring on new talent regardless of location or currency. “IES helped us do exactly what we needed – expand our workforce by compliantly hiring people around the world,” a company representative said. IES’s EOR services ensured compliance not only by adhering to all local classification laws, but also by handling onboarding, managing employment contracts, issuing benefit allowances or medical benefits (depending on the country), administering taxes, conducting payroll, and more.

With its newfound ability to hire a global workforce, the client was concerned that it would add administrative burdens that could distract it from its core business. IES therefore leveraged its Partner Network Management function through which it acts as the single point of contact for managing services across all countries. “IES does the heavy lifting of coordination and service delivery no matter where we hire, allowing us to stay focused on bringing superior products to the market.”

The Results: Security and Peace of Mind that Come with Relying on an Expert

The IES program blends expert strategic guidance with white-glove, day-to-day customer support. This combination has made all the difference as the client has emerged into a global gaming leader. Key results include:

Global Growth without Global Expansion

The client now hires top in-demand talent regardless of location – without compliance fears or having to establish in-country entities. As of 2024, its program exceeds 90 workers across 20+ countries.

Substantial Cost Savings

IES continually looks for ways to cut costs through its global Partner Network. In one case, it saved an average of 27% by moving a group of workers to employment through IES directly or through a partner.

Ongoing Expansion and Compliance

The client’s growth is ongoing, and IES remains right by its side. As the client expands its hiring reach to more locations, IES provides expert advisory support and keeps it informed as global laws evolve.

Focus on Customer Service

IES’s people-first approach – and industry leading NPS scores – harmonize with the client’s unwavering commitment to creating a positive employment experience.

Most importantly, IES has developed a relationship based on trust, superior service, and mutual respect – the foundational elements of every great partnership. “Without the IES global EOR service, our company would not exist,” the representative added. “The IES team is so responsive and easy to work with, they have literally brought the world to our door.”


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