The world doesn't stop during the holidays, and although many of us would prefer that it did, workers in some professions – healthcare, for example – may find themselves away from their families during these typically joyous times.

According to a blog from a Sacramento, California-based staffing agency, there are little things that employers can do to make working on the holidays less stressful and depressing for those who are on schedule.

For example, something as simple as saying "thank you" can act as a form of employee recognition and makes workers feel appreciated.

Being more flexible than usual about shifts can also help, as some people prefer to be with their families and friends during different holidays or even different times of the day on, say, Christmas or New Year's.

If a holiday bonus isn't in the cards, a small memento such as a gift certificate can also act as a form of appreciation.

Lastly, taking on temporary workers may be necessary. They can be brought on for as little as one day, or for the entire final week of December into the new year. Canadian HR Reporter adds that temp workers can be essential for assisting with key initiatives and maintaining productivity. 

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