Today's workforce is benefiting from rapidly increasing technologies that enable employees – whether permanent or contract workers – to perform their jobs anywhere at any time.

This ability has led employees to value job flexibility more highly, some even to the point that they would take cuts in pay for more scheduling freedom, a recent survey of 1,071 adults from Mom Corps found.

According to the results, 42 percent of respondents would be willing to give up some pay for greater flexibility with work. Men are twice as likely to accept decreases in pay of 10 percent or more, at 12 percent, while only 6 percent of women would be willing to do the same, the survey reveals.

"The way a majority of corporate America works no longer aligns with the way U.S. families conduct their daily lives," Mom Corps said in a statement. "Participating in some form of flexible work option allows employees to regain a modicum of work/life balance, and successful companies know that this also can yield a significant return on investment for them."

Telecommuting has been one way human resources administration has been able to accommodate employees' wishes for greater flexibility while still maintaining a dynamic workplace and saving companies money as well.

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