Employees were less confident in the state of the job market and economy during October, according to the latest Randstad U.S. Employee Confidence Index report. The index decreased 4.2 points from September, resting at 51.5 for the month.

"Given the government shutdown and the fight over the debt ceiling, it comes as no surprise that employee confidence is being affected," said Jim Link, Randstad's chief HR officer.

Research was conducted between Oct. 8 and 10 when the federal shutdown was ongoing. Interestingly, Link explained the survey found an increase in personal confidence, "specifically in workers' outlook on the future of their employer and in their ability to find new jobs."

Indeed, the personal confidence component rose 1.6 points from last month, amount to 68.3 for October. Link said that although 400,000 government employees were furloughed, most U.S. workers were unaffected by the shutdown. Therefore, despite concern for the overall economy, many may have felt secure about their own job prospects.

Randstad, which describes itself as one of the largest staffers of permanent and temporary workers, was aided by Harris Interactive to survey 1,032 employed U.S. adults ages 18 and older to calculate the index.

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