Starting a staffing firm consumes much of your time and money. Make your experience easier by designating Innovative Employee Solutions as your Employer of Record.

  • Definition

As your Employer of Record, Innovative Employee Solutions provides human resource services, payroll, back office support, security clearance, pre-employment screenings, and Independent Contractor compliance.  We assume administrative responsibility for your contingent workers through the entire hiring and payroll process. This lowers your overhead costs, eliminates your time spent on paperwork, and frees you from the risks and burdens of payroll management. Innovative Employee Solutions keeps you current with all tax and employment law changes so you avoid serious legal and financial threats to your staffing firm. We handle processing, paying, and administering benefits for your sourced employees, as well as billing and collections. We perform detailed background checks, drug screens, and/or security clearance. We accurately determine whether an independent contractor meets 1099 guidelines to avoid penalties later. Innovative Employee Solutions also provides a cloud-based resource center and live HR hotline to help you deal with your most pressing issues as they arise.

  • Benefits

Having Innovative Employee Solutions as your employer of record provides you peace of mind by cost-effectively outsourcing all your redundant, non-income-producing needs. You’re then free to focus on other activities to increase your company’s bottom line. This is a win-win situation, since you most likely don’t have the human resources training, payroll and accounting experience, compliance knowledge, or risk management, insurance, and employee benefits background to meet the needed demands of an employer. Your hiring overhead is reduced, you’re protected against liability, and you save time by outsourcing back office tasks.

  • Who Should Use One?

Most start-ups cannot afford an HR department, benefits, and other necessary business requirements. By hiring Innovative Employee Solutions as your employer of record, we focus on the required back office, non-money-making tasks necessary to your business while you work on ways to expand and increase your profits.

Having us as your employer of record is a time-saving, cost effective way to increase your company’s bottom line. For more information on choosing Innovative Employee Solutions as your Employer of Record, contact us today!

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