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Vast majority of workers will be job searching in 2014

Posted on November 19th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Most employees will be will keep an eye open for new jobs next year. According to an annual poll by Right Management, 83 percent of North American workers plan to actively seek a new position in 2014. An additional 9 percent said a job change is a possibility. Only 5 percent are fully confident about their current position.

The numbers are consistent of the results of the past four years. Since 2010, 84 to 86 percent of workers have said they'll be on the hunt. Only in 2009 were the results significantly different. At that time, 60 percent of employees said they were eager to find new work. The poor job market during the recession may have attributed to the low rate.

But what the latest data shows is that even after several years of recovery, workers are still dissatisfied with their positions.

"These numbers should signal a wake-up call for top management, when four out of five employees say they intend to look for employment elsewhere. " said Scott Ahlstrand of Right Management. "Solutions to keeping the best talent on board all point to effective engagement that drives performance, satisfaction and loyalty."

Managers and HR services should consider if employees are effectively engaged and rewarded in their working environment. Otherwise, as the job market improves, talent could be on move.

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