Many businesses are looking to skirt around hiring full-time employees because of supplemental expenditures like healthcare and unemployment, according to MoneyShow.

The news sources notes that while companies will eventually create more payroll jobs, the majority of businesses are gravitating toward independent contractors and temporary workers, because most entities prefer not to pay for benefits.

Louis Navellier of explains to the media outlet that a prime example of this hiring trend can be seen among hotels that bring in foreigners on temporary work visas, which is how many ski resorts handle hiring as well. When the season is over, they allow the worker to simply return home until next season, without paying unemployment.

The decline in payroll jobs may be one of the main reasons behind the abatement of unemployment claims. The news source adds that claims are currently below 400,000, which is an important threshold for the economy reach. Plus, according to the Economic Policy Institute, in February, unemployment decreased by 0.3 percent from the previous month, despite an increase in job losses.

The news source notes that the labor market has shed 8.4 million payroll jobs since December 2007.  

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