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The scariest part of work for employees

Posted on October 27th, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

In many situations, it is beneficial for employers to put themselves in their workers' shoes, whether they're temporary employees, contract workers or salaried, full-time individuals. Looking at the workplace from an employee's perspective can help human resources departments better administer services and retain qualified workers.

A new nationwide CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Interactive looked to tap into the fears of employees as the season's spookiest holiday approaches. Many aspects of a job can terrify an employee to the same degree as snakes, spiders and goblins.

Thirty-six percent of the more than 4,300 workers surveyed said that the potential for layoffs was what they were most afraid of on the job. Pay cuts were scary to 13 percent of respondents, while workload and public speaking during a presentation both respectively terrified 9 percent of employees. Other ominous aspects of the job were forced relocation (4 percent) and the boss (3 percent).

Understanding what fears a workforce may have can help employers and HR professionals connect with individuals. In addition, these anxiety-inducing aspects could be the culprits behind reduced production, motivation and happiness in employees. By identifying potential stressors and being proactive about quelling these fears, companies can foster a supportive and comfortable work environment. 

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