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The importance of timing in hiring

Posted on January 24th, 2014 Read time: 1 minutes

Deciding when to hire staff is a difficult decision. There isn't necessarily a right time to make the investment, according to Thomas Stocks at Business 2 Community, but there can be wrong times. For example, if a business is financially shaky, it shouldn't take on any new hires.

The key, according to Stocks, is finding the right people to hire rather than the right time to hire. A company's workforce can make or break its reputation. It's worth spending time finding exactly the right candidate for a job. It's easy to ruin corporate culture through a bad employee.

One way around this is through a temp-to-hire program with an employer of record. It allows an HR director to test out employees before he or she decides to keep them.

Recruitment is the bread and butter of the business world, according to James Caan in The Guardian. Employee salaries, and all of the other expenses like taxes and insurance, are a major drain on a company's resources. All of your additional staff members must add value to the company – pull their weight, as it were, according to Caan. He recommends contract workers for startups because of their flexibility and thrift, but not only startups can benefit from values like saving money and having a flexible workforce that can adjust in size to meet demand as it expands and contracts.

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