CareerBuilder's midyear job forecast found temporary and contract job hiring is expected to increase 10 percent year-over-year during the latter half of 2013. "The projected surge in temporary hiring from July to December is evidence of both a growing confidence in the market and a recession-induced hesitation to immediately place more permanent hires on the books," according to CEO Matt Ferguson.

This rationale for hiring temporary workers is a common one. There are many other reasons businesses choose to do so as well, ranging from a seasonal or project-based work increase to a desire to outsource human resources administration and employee benefits management.

The areas in which companies plan to hire most are sales, customer service, and new technologies like mobile and big data. The West and Midwest regions of the U.S. will experience the greatest increase in hiring, as well. Recruiters working in these fields and regions should take note and prepare to work with more candidates.

Temporary and contract workers can expect more jobs in the latter half of 2013, and employers can experience the benefits of having a contingent workforce.

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