The number of temporary employees rose marginally in October, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. An increase of 3,300 temp jobs was reported in October, amounting to a total of 2,737,700 temp workers in the U.S.

While the amount increased, the temporary penetration rate – the percentage of the workforce employed in temp positions – took a slight dip. The September rate of 2.01 percent decreased to 2.00 percent. The October value, however, still hovers near the all-time high of 2.03 percent, which was measured in April 2000.

Behind the lower penetration rate, however could be the surprising growth in the job market overall. BLS reported 204,000 positions were added by private employers in October, which is up from 163,000 in September.

The announcement comes as a surprise amid beliefs that drama on Capitol Hill would affect the job rate in October. The federal government shutdown hurt businesses that rely on government contracts and those reliant on tourism. Fears of a government default also prompted a dip in consumer confidence, which may have affected sales. However, despite the concerns, the job market did not appear to be affected.

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