More recent college graduates are turning to temp agencies for employment after graduation to get their feet wet in the workforce, according to KVAL-TV.

The news source explains that showing experience and collecting a paycheck are important even if the applicant is not earning up to his or her potential.

Patience is a virtue with many temp agencies, however, since nearly 50 percent of temporary jobs turn into full-time work, according to the media outlet.

Eugene, Oregon-based temp agency Express Employment Professionals stresses the importance of knowing the pay range of each client it puts its applicants in contact with.

"One of the things as far as the ethical part of the staffing industry is that we have to know from the client company what it is that they would pay an individual for this type of position," Andrew Simila, operations manager, told the media outlet. adds that for businesses going through the hiring process, employment agencies can be helpful tools. The firm interviews candidates and sends the employer the ones its believe are the best fit. Plus, if the company takes on a temporary hire, it is free from paying the worker's benefits or employment taxes.

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