A new service offered by LinkedIn aims to increase the efficiency of recruiting passive job applicants through a streamlined talent pipeline, 4-Traders reports.

According to the LinkedIn blog, Talent Pipeline essentially organizes all of a recruiter's leads into one place.

"No more scattered and lost leads across the recruiting team," the blog states. Now, records of potential full-time, part-time or temporary workers can be linked to recruiters' LinkedIn profiles, automatically keeping information up-to-date based on members' actions (such as profile updates).

4-Traders adds that Talent Pipeline also lets recruiters import resumes, add a lead's source and status and build relationships with leads based on their LinkedIn profiles – such as shared connections, activity updates and groups.

The news source explains this LinkedIn advancement is key as there's an increased trend in looking beyond active candidates to those who aren't currently looking for positions but hold useful skills a company is interested in. By identifying and building relationships with potential hires before they reach the job market, companies can react faster to hiring needs as they arise.

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