Strains on HR administration in 2011 include inability to maintain employee morale, find top talent and deal with increased demand, according to a recent survey conducted by Information Strategies, HREonline reports.

Specifically, 51 percent of respondents stated they were working with reduced resources in terms of staff and financial allocations compared to two years ago, and 40 percent expect conditions to become even worse in 2012.

Also, 71 percent believe their position has become more difficult, as businesses increasingly expect HR professionals to become "thinking partners, coaches, advisers and change leaders," the news source adds.

Furthermore, despite the increased number of resumes coming in, 23 percent are still struggling to find qualified candidates, while understaffed departments are given "unrealistic requisitions for hiring, including an unwillingness to give any time for training or even onboarding," Peter Cappelli, professor of management at The Wharton School in Philadelphia, told the media outlet.

One way to increase morale this holiday season is to provide small rewards. According to a recent Parago survey, 84 percent of employees said a prepaid card with a value of $100 or less would meet their expectations, Managing Your HR reports. 

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