Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana – the site for the 2012 Super Bowl – will open up seating for as many as 70,000 people, with twice that amount estimated to be in the city for the event, the Louisville Morning Call reports.

Given the influx of fans expected to converge upon the city, several companies have already begun hiring temporary workers to prepare for the rush.

Staffing actually began two months ago, when a Florida-based recruitment agency was hired by the NFL to start the process. They are currently looking to fill about 2,500 jobs in security and guest services roles.

Brent Woodruff of Indianapolis-based agency KnowledgeServices expects additional jobs to be primarily liaison-based, such as attendants who help people find parking spots and shuttle bus drivers, WIBC-FM reports.

The Indianapolis Star adds that in addition to liaison and security jobs, greeters, ticket takers and ushers will also be in demand.

The news source expects temporary security guards to earn $11 an hour. They may be expected to work over a period of several weeks in January and February, both in the stadium and at downtown hotels.  

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