Employees understand that when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) comes into effect next year their employer-covered insurance may change. However, there continues to be miscommunication between companies and the workforce regarding healthcare reform. Employee benefits administrations might want to consider taking steps to increase conversation about what the ACA will mean for their benefits. 

Aflac's latest WorkForces Report found three out of four workers believe it is their employer's responsibility to inform them about how ACA will affect their benefits. In January, the study surveyed about 5,200 workers and 1,900 benefits decision-makers about healthcare reform. Only 28 percent of the workforce understand what the phrase "consumer-driven healthcare" means and how it will affect their coverage.

The survey reported 13 percent of employers plan on educating staff about the ACA.

Audrey Boone Tillman, executive vice president of corporate services at Aflac, believes the lack of communication is hurting staff knowledge about ACA's true purpose. 

"It may be referred to as 'consumer-driven health care,' but in actuality, consumers aren't the ones driving these changes, so it's no surprise that many feel unprepared," said Tillman. "The bottom line is if consumers aren't educated about the full scope of their options, they risk making costly mistakes without a financial back-up plan."

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