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Social media professionals are out there

Posted on March 19th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

The debate over using social media for recruiting purposes has raged on for years now, as platforms become more invasive and the privacy of candidates become more exposed.

For instance, Healthcare IT News explains that employers could've utilized Twitter for recruiting full-time, part-time or temporary workers at the recent SXSW festival. Headhunters could find people who are tweeting about the event, follow them passively to get a feel for their personalities and then make a hiring decision.

But, to rewind even further, companies need people who are experienced enough with social media to even deploy such recruiting techniques. So, Mashable Business suggests hiring a recruiter to find a social media expert. There are a plethora of people with minimal Twitter and Facebook experience who claim to be "gurus," and a recruiter can help separate the prospects from the duds.

Social media recruiters can help find brand managers, community managers, social media strategists and content creators. But even if the title hasn't yet been defined, always be clear with the recruiter about what the company needs, thenews source advises.

"Maybe you don’t know exactly what the title of the social media professional you need is, but you should be able to convey what goals and tasks you're expecting an employee to accomplish," the media outlet adds. 

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