Randstad reported employee confidence about job security in the engineering industry declined from the end of last year. HR administrations should remember to stay up to date on how members of the workforce see their position security and benefits. Alleviating concerns can boost workplace morale and increase employee productivity.

According to Randstad's Q1 2013 Engineering Employee Confidence Index, 26 percent of professionals within the engineering field believe the economy is stabilizing back to pre-recession levels, which is down from the last quarter of 2012 when 34 percent said they saw economic improvements. The index measures optimism about employment and the economy. Only 51 percent of respondents said they felt they could field a new job if they lost their current position, which is down 8 percentage points from Q4 2012.

Despite drops in confidence regarding job security and the economy, engineering continues to be one of the most in demand industries. The economy remains unstable, however, and HR professionals might want to consider talking with employees about their feelings regarding the economy and their position within the company. Communication with workers can help ease any concerns and help employees focus on their work. 

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