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When should companies hire temporary workers?

Posted on April 22nd, 2015 Read time: 2 minutes

Making the decision to hire temporary employees is a big step that should be undertaken with the utmost care and consideration. A need for temps can indicate company growth or a desire for flexibility in the workforce. Acquiring temporary workers through a staffing agency can be a way to maximize time and company output. According to the American Staffing Association, there are around 17,000 staffing agencies across the U.S. that hire close to 11 million temporary employees each year. Any organization thinking about the addition of contract workers should consider several situations and benefits before making that step.

When using temp-to-hire strategies
These types of employment strategies can be beneficial to the overall workforce. When hiring a temp with eventual placement in mind, it gives the employer the opportunity to gauge how the employee would work in the permanent position. Essentially, the temp's employment serves as a kind of testing period during which both employee and employer can gauge whether it's a good fit. This kind of strategy can save money on onboarding a brand new employee, as your temp already has the knowledge and skills to perform the job.

To boost workplace motivation
Another situation in which an employer should consider a temporary workforce is to boost company morale and motivation. Since contract workers are often new to the company and eager to impress, they can have a sustained level of motivation. This is especially the case if the temp is looking for permanent placement.

To complete special projects
If a company is looking to complete a long-term assignment that requires a certain set of skills but doesn't currently employ the right person for the task, a temporary employee could be the right solution. A company can hire a contract worker with the proper skill set to get the work done and meet deadlines. Then, when the project is finished, the employee's job is complete.

For help with time management
Sifting through resumes and conducting interviews takes time. According to, employers look at an average of 250 resumes per posted position. Utilizing the services of a temp agency will free up this portion of an employer's time. Temporary placements are often fast, as well, giving the company an opportunity to fill roles on short notice. This is especially significant when hiring for a project with strict deadlines, as acquiring a skilled employee in the quickest time possible is going to have the best outcome for the project.

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