According to a recent report from real-time business intelligence provider Wanted Analytics, hiring for HR services is on the rise.

Researchers found that in August alone, 6,800 new jobs were posted online for human resource positions – a 33 percent increase year-over-year. Furthermore, around 3,500 job ads were placed by direct employers, representing around 52 percent of the total hiring demand.

"We definitely see the hiring market as much more vibrant and the call for HR talent is certainly up over the last 10 months and skyrocketing over the last two months," Donna Friedman, CEO of Florida-based Tower Consultants, told Human Resource Executive Online.

The news source suggests the one of the main reasons for the spike is the recession, which caused many organizations to rely on HR staff to handle high-level employment decisions such as executive compensation, succession, planning, talent management and performance reviews.

According to the study, the five most commonly advertised HR jobs were recruiter, human resource assistant, payroll specialist, human resource specialist and payroll clerk. The metropolitan area with the highest demand was New York, where more than 530 new online job ads were posted in August.  

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