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Online marketing key for professional firms

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

A professional services firm searching for independent contractors or temporary workers can achieve greater lead generation via online marketing, a recent study from Hinge revealed.

Researchers found firms that generated 40 percent of their leads using online capabilities grew an average of four times faster than those that didn't use the internet.

Furthermore, companies that create 60 percent or more of their leads online are generally two times more profitable than those that generate less than 20 percent.

The success of online lead generation has led around two-thirds of firms to state that they'll be increasing online funding over the next year.

"Professional services marketing is undergoing a seismic change – new online marketing techniques are generating leads and spurring growth and profitability," said Hinge managing partner Lee Frederiksen.

Search engine optimization, blogging and web analytics proved to be the most useful online marketing tools, while social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook were the least effective.

Vickie K. Sullivan, president of Sullivan Speaker Services, notes on RainMakerBlog that industry insiders view public speaking as another burgeoning form of lead generation in 2011.  

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