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3 Mistakes Companies Make When Onboarding Contingent Workers

Posted on August 30th, 2017 with No comments

contingent workersNot long ago, contingent workers were mostly one and done. Gigs were few and far between, so freelancers learned to look around for work. A different day, a different gig.

In recent years, however, contingent work has found its footing. Now, with 51 percent of executives increasing their use of contingent labor, that lone gig might be built upon by a second. The company may follow it with a third or even offer a collaborative project.

While gig work has changed, the way many companies treat gig workers largely hasn’t. Although they’re offering regular work, they’re still acting like contingent workers are one-time help. No wonder gig worker turnover averaged 352 percent in 2016 — meaning that the average contingent role was held by 3.5 people throughout the year.

It’s easy to blame others. Perhaps, you might think, you hired rotten apples. Maybe managers didn’t explain projects well. But the real problem could be a lack of onboarding and cultural integration.

Think about it for a moment: If you’re not welcoming gig workers into your culture through standardized integration and onboarding, you’re communicating that they’re replaceable. If you act like they’re replaceable, guess what? They’re going to act like it, too.

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By: Trevor Foster, VP of Finance and Innovation 

Published By: TalentCulture

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