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Not understanding automation reduces productivity

Posted on December 27th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

Many companies are deploying new technological innovations that offer automated processes to simplify work tasks and accelerate completion of duties. While the technology is intended to make life easier for all workers, many staff may report decreased productivity if they are unaware of the availability of such automated processes.

Human resources departments must not only hire and train staff, but also ensure all employees are educated on available technology resources and tools to improve processes and accelerate decision making. Ensuring all staff are prepared to take advantage of new technology boost productivity. It will also enhance the bottom line by creating a a more effective workforce and utilizing technology investments to prevent any money from being wasted.

A recent study from IPsoft found up to 70 percent of time taken to diagnose and fix an issue can be freed up through automated diagnostic tools. Predictive incident management solutions can recognize impending issues and take corrective action before a major impact is felt throughout the company. Service readiness checks work to run complex, multistage reviews that allow a company to reduce time and effort spent on run-throughs. Password management is another valuable automated process that provides access to networks and company information through secure portals, protecting companies from liability while increasing access for staff.

"Our experience has shown that, by doing this, businesses can free up to half of the man hours associated with these activities," said Terry Walby, managing director of IPsoft. "This time can then be allocated to other areas of the business to realize huge cost, efficiency and productivity gains and help achieve business goals."

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