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Manufacturing the key to economic recovery?

Posted on January 11th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

As the economy continues to creep toward pre-recession levels, the manufacturing sector is leading the way to recovery, Randstad reports.

The news source cites figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, noting that manufacturing saw 23,000 net new workers in December 2011. In total, 225,000 new employees were added this year – a marked increase from the 109,000 positions gained in 2010.

Cumulatively, since December 2009, 334,000 new jobs have been created in manufacturing.

The Huffington Post recently reported that Michigan's rapid recovery pace is an indicator that manufacturing and the auto industry may play a key role in the future of the nation's economy.

Michigan is recovering at the second fastest pace in the U.S. It trails only North Dakota, which is currently experiencing an oil boom. Michigan is home to the Big Three automakers – Ford, General Motors and Chrysler – and U.S. auto sales hit an eight-month high this past October thanks to more stable gas prices.

Randstad adds that there are currently 600,000 jobs available in the sector for full-time, part-time and contract work. 

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