Many prospective employees are searching for work on their phones. According to a survey by job board operator Simply Hired, 30 percent of its job search traffic came from mobile devices. It also revealed mobile searches are not limited to millennials and trendy tech workers, as the top job category accessed from devices was office and administrative, followed by health care practitioners.

For successful recruitment, HR services may need to upgrade websites with mobile accessibility.

"Recent research estimates that only 20 [to] 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies currently offer mobile-friendly career sites and portals," said Simply Hired President and CEO James Beriker. "Recruiters must figure out how to serve the mobile user or risk losing out on a massive pool of candidates."

If they lack the right tools, companies might find their listings are going unnoticed as mobile searches increase in the coming years. Simply Hired predicts that by the end of 2015, mobile devices will account for 50 percent of their total traffic. Furthermore, the survey revealed that mobile users are more likely to click the top few search results than desktop users. Getting to the top of results pages will be an important goal for recruiters.

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