According to the Census Bureau, the U.S. employment services industry had a revenue of $63.52 billion in the second quarter. This represents a 2.4 percent increase from the first quarter of 2013, and a growth of 2 percent  from last year's second quarter. The employment services industry includes employment placement agencies, executive search firms, temporary employment agencies and professional employer organizations.

The economy has made great strides since the recession, with gains in employment continuing over the past few months. The ADP National Employment Report for August found the number of jobs added to be commensurate with the 12-month average, for example. It is well-known that temporary workers are an integral part of economic recovery, and are often the first to be hired by businesses that may not be certain enough of the economy's stability to commit to hiring full-time. However, the continued growth of the staffing industry indicates it plays an crucial role even after the first stages of an economic recovery. Indeed, according to Staffing Stream and many respected economists, temporary and contract workers may be part of the "new normal" for the workforce.

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