Executives want to see more from their HR services, according to a recent survey, which found that globalization, talent constraints and new technology provide human resources with the opportunity for significant improvement.

Of the 400 executives that KPMG surveyed, only 17 percent stated that their HR department does a good job of demonstrating its value to the business, and only 15 percent found that HR provides insightful and predictive workforce analytics. According to KPMG, executives believe HR administration needs to be more data driven.

"Data analytics is quickly evolving and can provide the next quantum leap for HR," said Paulette Welsing, a KPMG managing director. "Applying data analytics will allow HR to deliver empirical evidence to reinforce their recommendations and gain much-needed credibility at the highest levels of the business."

KPMG's survey found more than one-third of U.S. respondents said the majority of HR-related technology investments would comprise of data analytics and cloud-based technologies. More than half of global respondents said data analytics would help identify future talent gaps.

Meanwhile, the study affirmed that HR services is succeeding at adapting to globalization. Roughly 59 percent of executives said they were seeking key talent abroad and 56 percent said their companies were creating HR policies suitable for a global workforce.

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