Optimism that the economy was on the upswing and hiring freezes would cease had many unemployed workers encouraged about their job hunt. However, over the last two months, Americans are once again seeing a stalled job market.

"The last month or two, it's gotten very slow," Susan DeGroat, a former billing manager, tells CNN Money. "I go online and the same jobs are still posted."

The news source points out that many staffing agencies have claimed that job openings are on hold.

Salvadore Mastroeni, director of the One-Stop Career Center in Hackensack, New Jersey, adds that many employers his company speaks with are hunkering down, and with the future of the economy still unknown, they are not willing to expand and re-hire.

The Moral Liberal notes that there is one hiring trend that has gone against the grain. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, hiring in the education sector grew by 2.3 percent during the recession – or 137,000 employees. In addition, per-pupil spending rose by 2.6 percent, and the K-12 teacher workforce increased by 6.5 percent. Furthermore, spending on education employee salaries and benefits increased by 27.5 percent.

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