While unemployment may have risen in the past month – hitting 9.2 percent nationwide – not all sectors have been affected equally, as many companies' human resources administration continue to seek out experienced accountants and IT professionals.

This trend is especially evident in Connecticut, where Joyce Schiffer of contract worker placement firm Task Management says the technology industry is "booming," the Southbury Patch reports.

Companies are increasingly viewing technology as the key to staying competitive and, as a result, are investing more in IT-related projects. Accountants have also maintained a healthy sector thanks to financial regulations that require an expert to deal with.

Yet this doesn't mean companies are hiring anyone they can get their hands on. "We're looking at companies starting to hire that are having a tough time finding the right candidates," Jake Macmale, recruiter for Stamford-based Elite Placement Group, told the source. "Companies are being more selective."

A recent study from ManpowerGroup expressed similar concerns over candidates' qualifications, reporting 52 percent of employers said they experienced increased difficulty when trying to find the "right" talent in 2011.

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