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Employers look at lunch benefits

Posted on November 16th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

Many of the top employers worldwide are looking for alternative ways to attract and retain top talent beside highly competitive compensation. Human resources departments are working with executives to develop new benefits packages and opportunities to improve employee satisfaction without placing the company at financial risk.

The Globe and Mail reported some companies are adding interesting perks to employee benefits programs, such as providing on-site meals throughout the workday. Some top employers have realized ensuring good, healthy food is available to workers on a regular basis, staff will feel appreciated and get back to work faster after finishing a hearty lunch. The additional benefit can attract top talent, while ensuring current employees are glad to be at the office and energized throughout the day. Happy and full employees tend to perform at higher levels than less satisfied staff, thus underscoring the financial impact of alternative benefits.

Furthermore, some managers pointed out that providing lunches for workers is bringing staff together from different departments, creating a more connected environment. Because staff no longer have to leave the premise to get lunch, time and money is saved by the company and employees while still encouraging workers to take a break and socialize. Higher productivity and satisfaction levels are then translated into company growth and cost-savings, the source reported.

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