Employers and employee benefits administrations shifted communication and financial resources to other areas of the business during the recession, but a recent survey found that informing employees on current offerings is increasing with the economy.

In MetLife's 11th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends, three out of five employees reported that their company's benefits were the reason why they stayed at their current position. Of the 1,422 workers polled, 54 percent wished their company offered a greater array to choose from and 61 percent said that having more tailored benefits would make them more loyal and increase job satisfaction. The survey interviewed 1,503 insurance decision-makers, with 58 percent saying that providing voluntary benefits, including dental, vision and disability insurance, was part of their employee assistance strategy.

Previous studies indicated that employers were failing at communicating with employees before and after their open-enrollment period. However, the new poll found businesses were increasing one-on-one meetings, updating their websites and sending ongoing information to keep workers educated on their current benefits. As communication between employers and employees continues to strengthen, a greater variety of benefit options will become available and job satisfaction will increase.

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