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Why the Smartest Companies Decide to Outsource

Posted on March 7th, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

Hiring and training staff while providing office space and equipment is an expensive process. It’s better to outsource non-revenue-producing functions to Innovative Employee Solutions. Consider the following benefits of outsourcing your hiring process.

  • Savings

Reduce and control operating costs by outsourcing non-core functions. Have experienced professionals cover tasks critical for daily operations such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll processing. Pay only for services performed rather than providing salaries or benefits. Let others take over the functions you’re not strong at completing and don’t provide you a distinct competitive advantage. Free up time to invest in increasing your client base and growing your business.

  • Expertise

Gain access to a large pool of top talent to fill your outsourcing needs. Your company’s only as strong as the people doing the work. By having work functions performed remotely, you’ll have access to more than just local professionals. This is especially beneficial when you don’t have in-house personnel available to take on specific projects. When expanding your business, you won’t have time to recruit and train necessary workers anyway. Outsourcing allows you to grow and meet deadlines by having temporary staff in place to meet those responsibilities. This makes you more attractive to investors and partners essential to your business.

  • Shared Risk

Human resources compliance and risk management are essential to staying in business. You need to perform due diligence when hiring workers and stay compliant with constantly changing federal and state employment laws. You want to avoid high turnover and low productivity, while maintaining workplace safety and security.

  • Work with IES

By choosing Innovative Employee Solutions as your employer of record, you’ll free yourself from expensive, time-consuming tasks of managing a contingent workforce so you can focus on your business goals. Utilize our HR administration and payroll services to get workers on the job faster. Reduce your risk of noncompliance and avoid costly legal ramifications and high IRS penalties by having us as your employer of record. Grow your company where you want to, whether it’s locally or nationwide. Work with top-rated, friendly outsourcing experts. Rather than handling paperwork, you’ll focus your energy on building your business.

Save time and money by outsourcing your HR, payroll, and other back office needs to us. Get the peace of mind you deserve by reaching out to our experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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