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Driving employee engagement

Posted on June 25th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Randstad's Q2 2013 Engagement Study gives insight on how to drive employee engagement. This is an important goal for companies, as engaged employees are both more productive and less likely to leave, whether they are permanent or temporary workers. High retention rates and employee satisfaction are good for an organization's bottom line as well as its people.

"While employees' salaries are a significant factor in workplace satisfaction, employee engagement is not all about financial compensation," said Jim Link, Managing Director at Randstad U.S. "There are many non-monetary programs employers can adopt to help improve the morale and productivity of its employee base."

Human resources administration professionals might consider whether their workplace is a stimulating environment, as 22 percent of those surveyed ranked this as a top engagement tool. A good reputation among employees is also important to maintain, as 96 percent of respondents attested. These are cultural goals that can be achieved without significant financial outlay, and may pay off remarkably well.

Other ideas to increase employee engagement include offering flexible work hours during the summer, which 91 percent of those surveyed said increases morale, and 80 percent reported that it also increased productivity. Offering bonuses or promotions to high-performing workers is also a good strategy, with 30 percent of respondents ranking this as a top engagement tool.

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