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Decreasing employee turnover

Posted on August 12th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

When any employees, whether permanent or temporary workers, unexpectedly decide to move on from a company, many issues are created. It is necessary to hire someone new, attempt to cover the former employee's work until a new hire can be found and in some cases to finish a project with little knowledge of how it was begun.

Businesses should aim to avoid high employee turnover. Workers who are hired for a set period of time may be less of an issue in high turnover rates, but they too can leave before the full length of their employment is finished.

Ensuring the best possible fit between a position and an employee can reduce rates of turnover. People who feel satisfied with their work are, of course, much less likely to want to quit. Other measures human resources administration professionals can take include giving workers resources to better their performance. A sense of advancement is a powerful thing. The possibility of advancing one's position within the company, if practical for the position in question, can also deter employees from leaving.

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