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Companies accept more temporary workers

Posted on March 21st, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

The Journal Sentinel reports that more temporary workers will be hired to complete a Navy shipbuilding contract in Wisconsin. Marinette Marine Corporation noticed that the recession left a number of unskilled people looking for work. Since the company needs manufacturing help, it will hire and train these individuals, according to the news source.

The temporary workers will be paid half of what skilled employees earn. However, the training and hands-on experience they will obtain provide a chance to grow in the industry and qualify for a promotion. The company will hire 1,000 people over two years beginning this summer. After that, about 40 new jobs will be added each month.

Temporary work opportunities have made a dramatic difference in the county's labor recovery, according to the Christian Science Monitor. This type of employment has created about 307,000 jobs or more than a quarter of the private-sector positions reported last year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employers like this work option because it can lead to a full-time hire while allowing companies to test different people to find the best employee for a position.

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