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College grads can’t settle into a job

Posted on October 18th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

New college graduates are staying at their first jobs for less than a year, according to a survey of 264 Express Employment Professionals franchises. Seventy-four percent are at their first job for less than a year and 16 percent last under six months. Unlike contract workers whose term of employment is specified, many of these grads are leaving permanent positions.

What's causing young workers to put in their two weeks? Economic conditions are a big factor. Since the recession, the troubled job market has meant increased competition in professional fields. Many have put their aspirations aside and settled for whatever will help pay the bills. As a result, the young workers are regularly moving to new companies – whether it be to get closer to their dream jobs, receive better pay or simply to get a change of scenery.

As professional jobs become difficult to obtain, more young people are graduating college. According to federal data, 33.5 percent of Americans between ages 25 and 29 had a bachelors degree in 2012. As the trend continues, the skilled job market could grow even more competitive. Mobility could become a fixed trend for young college graduates.

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