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Choosing a type of contingent worker

Posted on June 13th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an increase in temporary staffing and professional services employment. Part of the result of this is a wider choice for companies seeking contingent workers. Traditional temporary workers are available, as well as contract workers and employees of professional services agencies. When should a business choose a certain type of contingent worker?

  • Temporary workers are best engaged when there is a need for close supervision, and the work is open-ended.
  • Contract workers are usually experts in their fields, and can work with little supervision. They are employed for the duration of a project.
  • Professional services agencies are experts, and will deliver a requested assignment in a specified amount of time with no direct supervision. They are the most costly of the options.

The type of contingent worker an organization chooses depends on its needs. All three types can be excellent employees for the companies that choose to hire them. Luckily, many staffing firms offer their clients more than one type of contingent worker. With any variety, there are advantages that remain consistent, such as payrolling and employee benefits administration being taken care of by the staffing firm itself. A good agency can advise its clients on the type of contingent worker that will best meet their needs.

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