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Three Things to Consider Before Screaming “You’re Fired!”

Posted on January 25th, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

Terminating an employee is not an easy task. Make the process go more smoothly by preparing for it in advance. Even better, let Innovative Employee Solutions handle everything as your employer of record.

  • Fulfill Legal Requirements

Start by covering all legal aspects of firing an employee. Create a paper trail of the worker’s performance reviews, including negative reports and warnings issued. This will protect you by demonstrating a history of the staff member working below expectations and being informed of it. Be sure compensation and commissions are calculated so you know what the staff member is owed. Ensure a severance package and other documents are ready for them to sign.

  • Create Plan

Choose a private place to meet with the worker. Ensure their supervisor is available for the meeting to back up your reasons for termination. A neutral third party should be present to act as a witness to what happens during the meeting. Have your human resources representative available to explain the employee’s rights for continuing health insurance coverage and answer questions they may have. Ensure involved colleagues keep their knowledge confidential to avoid having the team member find out they’re being terminated. Create a plan to collect company keys, electronics, and other property from the worker so they don’t have access to the building or confidential information.

  • Be Straightforward

Use documented examples of poor performance when the employee questions why they’re being let go. Stay with the facts to avoid lawsuits later. Remain calm and respectful, even if the staff member becomes hostile. Arrange for someone to escort them out of the building at a time that won’t disrupt others. Alert security and change building access codes if the staff member causes trouble.  Document the events in case you’re questioned by a state or federal agency later.

  • Have Employer of Record Handle Termination

When you have Innovative Employee Solutions as your employer of record, we handle all aspects of termination and unemployment filings. Let us take on the stress and responsibility that comes with letting an employee go. You can focus on other priorities, instead.

Protect your employees and your business by knowing how to properly terminate a worker. Better yet, have us do the work for you as your employer of record. For more information on properly terminating an employee, contact the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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