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What Are the Essentials of a High-Performance Culture?

Posted on December 28th, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

A high-performance culture is a mix of how things get done, how decisions are made and what actions attain desired results. Therefore, it’s important you consider what goals you want your company to reach and how you’ll work to meet them. Here are some steps you can take to create your own high-performance culture in your workplace.

Define “Winning”  

Determine what winning means for every aspect of your company. Include sales, marketing, customer service and all other departments.

 Determine Desired Culture

Find out what principles, values and preferred behaviors define the culture you want. Discuss what parts of your current culture fit with your goals and which need altering. Define the actions employees must take to display your desired culture. Set up a reward system for encouraging proper behavior.  

 Create Standards

Let your employees know the standards they’re expected to meet for high-performance culture. When you expect more, you typically get more.

 Connect Culture and Company Overview

Your staff want to know what matters most in your organization and what excellence looks like for the company. Therefore, behavioral standards must match with company objectives to be most effective. Your employees need to be clear on how their actions support business strategy so they’re more inclined to act accordingly.

 Create Ownership Mentality

Empower your staff by establishing boundaries to work within that promote moving the company in its desired direction. When workers have the freedom to choose their behavior, they typically decide in favor of company expectations, as though they are owners.

 Increase Transparency

Increase staff members’ feelings of ownership by sharing your company’s financial information with them. Teach your employees to read financial statements and gain understanding of how their roles affect those numbers.

Engage Employees

Engage your staff in their work to increase their output. They’ll want to give their all to your company and remain loyal to you longer. 

Tell Stories

Promote change and improve performance by telling stories. Team members will be more inclined to achieve greater levels of success for your organization.

Communicate Openly

Ensure your staff continually communicate so everyone remains informed on issues pertaining to their work. Make sure everyone receives relevant messages, understands them and acts accordingly.


Celebrate when your employees achieve milestones. Acknowledge their work so you increase morale and encourage proper behavior.

Create a high-performance culture for your organization by following these guidelines. For more help expanding your business, get in touch with the seasoned professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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