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How Can You Get Your Team More Invested in Your Company?

Posted on December 21st, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

It’s important your employees are engaged in their work so they remain loyal to your company longer. Here are some ways you can get your staff members more invested in your business for greater long-term success.

Focus on Your Company’s Purpose

It’s important you share your mission with your employees so they know why you do what you do. Millennials, who continue making up a greater part of the workforce, are especially interested in working for a company whose purpose aligns with their interests and values.

Keep Employees Informed on Business Goals

Let your staff know what direction your company is heading in and what challenges it’s facing. Your workers will appreciate being trusted with top-level information. They may even have ideas that will help your organization grow.

Offer Continuous Training/Coaching

By providing ongoing training and coaching, you’ll retain your employees longer. Your workers want to be challenged and have someone available to help them as needed.  

Allow Lateral Movement

Let your employees move to different departments if they want to learn new skills or change their career paths. They’ll already know about your company, and you’ll save time and money by not hiring and training new workers.   

Communicate Openly

Meet with your team weekly to discuss what resources they need, innovative ideas they came up with and how their work roles are going. Use your sessions to improve operations in your department so your company prospers.

Request Feedback

Use an anonymous survey to find out how your staff feel about their work. Ask how they feel about employee morale, how satisfied they are with professional growth opportunities, whether they feel their compensation is adequate, and related topics. Respond appropriately to stated needs and concerns.

Celebrate Victories

When staff members reach their monthly/quarterly goals, announce it to your entire team or everyone in the company. Celebrate with your staff so they know their contributions are appreciated.

Praise Co-workers

When you hear about colleagues’ accomplishments, congratulate them. You’ll make them feel great while building a culture of support.  

Create a Health & Wellness Program

Studies show health & wellness programs are important drivers of employee engagement. Healthy workers are happier and more productive. They show up for work more often and have a stronger work-life balance.

 Encourage Work-Life Balance

It’s important your employees have a proper work-life balance so both areas are adequately taken care of. Perhaps your staff members may work from home or set their own office hours one day each week. Your team will be more productive knowing they can fit in time for family, hobbies, errands and other personal needs while still finishing their work.

It’s important you keep your employees invested in your company so they remain loyal to your business longer. Get additional help expanding your company by contacting the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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