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Brand loyalty gone, brand recognition still valuable

Posted on February 21st, 2014 Read time: 1 minutes

Hinda Chalew of Staffing Industry writes brand loyalty is dead. In other words, the internet makes it easy to look up various facts and figures, and so individuals know exactly what to expect from a product before they buy it. A good example would be Yelp's impact on restaurants.

The same impact that the internet has had on products and services is beginning to appear in  the staffing industry as well. Companies that hire staffing firms are more likely than ever to shop around or share information with other companies. Additionally, disgruntled employees can complain about staffing firms on the internet.

And yet, in a related article on Staffing Industry, Stephen Clancy writes marketing is still important for contingent workforce (CW) programs. Even in a world with as much transparency as this one, matters like the name of a CW program and keeping the goals of a CW program unified are still important. Although a company hires temp workers, it must still work at integrating them into a company.

If a company is considering a CW program, it might want to hire an employer of record to manage things. Such an employer would handle all of the complex compliance and tax work, further streamlining a company.

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