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Are mobile apps the future of recruiting?

Posted on August 7th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Internet-based recruitment strategies have long been an essential part of most companies' search for talent. As more users access the Internet from mobile devices, many businesses and staffing firms have had to ensure their websites show up properly on portable technology like smartphones and tablets. Some human resources administration professionals have taken it a step further, however, and now use mobile apps for several stages of the talent acquisition process.

These apps offer the ability for recruiters and hiring managers to interview prospects over video, according to Workforce magazine. Unlike traditional video interviewing, the apps allow the conversation to take place whenever it is convenient. Recruiters can record their questions ahead of time, and are able to review the candidate's submitted video answers when they have time to do so. They also encourage social media sharing, whether through another platform or a dedicated in-app medium. These are two components of virtual recruitment that are often found outside of mobile phones that are now moving to apps for greater convenience.

Recruiters may find it difficult to make a case for adopting this technology, as there is very little use data available on it. For high-volume companies and staffing firms, it may be a good investment to reach as many candidates as possible as conveniently as possible, whether to fill positions as permanent or temporary workers.

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