According to the Albuquerque Journal, including contingent positions on resumes for employment of any kind is important. Many people have been temporary workers over the course of their careers, and may even have been hired on a permanent basis by one of the companies with which they were placed.

Job seekers may be hesitant to list their contingent positions on their resumes because of their short duration. However, many temporary and contract workers learn important skills in even brief placements. Hiring managers would prefer to see that workers stay actively employed over navigating gaps in a work record. Contingent work is a growing segment of the economy, as well, which means that many candidates for jobs of all kinds have done or are doing temporary work.

Indeed, contingent workers may have an advantage over those who have only held permanent positions. The variety of assignments temporary workers can take means those who have been in the contingent workforce have been exposed to a variety of environments, skill sets and personality styles in the workplace. This is an advantage in the job search, as is the flexibility that is a natural outcome of temporary work.

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