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Advice for the final steps of hiring

Posted on October 29th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

When the search for new employees has been narrowed down to a top choice, hiring managers may feel like their work is done. However, while the arduous part may be over, final negotiations require just as much caution as the initial steps. Furthermore, employers need to be resolute and convinced in candidate decision-making, as the final steps are the last chance to prevent a hiring mistake from happening.

When negotiating a salary, it is important for managers not to begin by asking what the candidate desires. According to ERE, if offered, candidates will almost inevitably ask a higher amount than they expect to earn and stand firm before compromising. Employers should instead ask what the candidate earned at a previous job and increase the amount by 15 percent, the source suggested. If the candidate is apprehensive, give the company a good sell. Tell them the benefits of the position before raising the amount on the table.

Employers who are still unsure about their top candidates should consider putting their skills to the test. Depending on the company, this could mean inviting them on the job for a day or offering positions as temporary workers. Observing a candidate in action yields valuable information about their work habits, social skills and training.

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