After acquiring a new hire, HR professionals might see their work as done. But instituting an on-boarding program for effective training and opportunities for feedback can help reduce the turnover rate of new employees. According to the Human Capital Institute, 70 percent of recently employed staff know if they are going to leave a company within the first six months. HR administrations can slash this number by implementing a few strategies right after hiring. 

1. Provide training opportunities suggests companies that do not provide coaching and counseling directly after a new hire starts at the organization are setting up the opportunity for turnover. The worker might come into the job with strong skills, but most still require additional training to integrate themselves into their new roles.

2. Follow through with feedback early
One of the main reasons new hires leave is because they feel as if they might lose their job due to not knowing how they are progressing. Setting in place regular updates with their supervisor can help human resource departments avoid having to find a replacement.

3. Create an on-boarding program
Developing an official program that all supervisors utilize when training a new hire may assist HR professionals in staying up to date on how new hires are doing on the job. 

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