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3 interview preparation tips

Posted on February 20th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

With many companies having trouble finding employees with the right skill set, employers can't afford to skimp on the amount of effort they put into seeking out and interviewing potential hires and evaluating their application. Here are three ways to prepare for an effective interview.

Formalize the job description
While this bit of advice seems obvious, many employers fail to determine exactly what they want out of an employee, which can lead to poor hiring decisions. It's a good idea to write out a detailed job description that includes all expectations; Who the employee would report to and what skills and traits are required to successfully complete their tasks.

Make a plan
If interviews are conducted in a group, it's important to discuss questions and the order they will be asked before candidates are present. HR administration professionals, business owners and hiring managers may have different interview styles so creating a cohesive plan is a must. This will not only make for a smoother interview process, but it will give the candidate an idea of the company's standards for professionalism and collaboration. 

Determine desired character traits
While a job description may clarify certain expectations, hiring managers should pinpoint personality traits the company is seeking in candidates before the interview process begins.

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